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The Left's WORST nightmare --> GOP PA Senate candidate Kathy Barnette kicks-A*S and takes ALL the names at debate (watch this)

While Democrat legislators like Cori Bush are patting themselves on the backs for being brave enough to have an abortion and then COURAGEOUS enough to talk about it, GOP candidate for Pennsylvania Senate, Kathy Barnette, is actually changing minds and hearts.


Talk about a DYNAMO.

Just. Wow.

And then last night during the debate …

Oh, we’re pretty sure we know why the media isn’t playing this. Barnette is everything about America the Left wants to take apart. She succeeded on her own, dragging herself out of poverty, never playing the victim card … she was a product of rape because her very young mother decided to keep her.

She is proof the American Dream is VERY real.

And our pals on the Left can’t have that, now can they?

Looks like a superstar to us.

She responded:

There ya’ go.


Yeah, it’s official.

We love her.

C’mon Pennsylvania!



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Cori Bush, Pramila Jayapal, and other Dems calling themselves COURAGEOUS for having abortions does NOT go well for them, like at all

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