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Cori Bush, Pramila Jayapal, and other Dems calling themselves COURAGEOUS for having abortions does NOT go well for them, like at all

Only Dems would think having an abortion is a courageous story to tell.

Cori Bush, Pramila Jayapal, Barbara Lee, Gary Peters (see, men CAN have abortions), and Jackie Spier were SUPER BRAVE and courageous and stuff when they had an abortion, so Elle Magazine decided to write about them being all courageous.


Or something.

Yeah, it was stupid but it’s Elle Magazine we’re talking about so … yeah.

Much brave, so stunning.

From Elle Magazine:

These members chose to participate in ELLE’s historic roundtable discussion because they know the power that comes from making the political personal. In sharing their own stories, they are giving a voice to the hundreds of thousands of people who, each year, for hundreds of thousands of reasons, choose to have an abortion. Abortion patients are your neighbors, your friends, your colleagues, and, yes, even your elected officials.



Cori thought so much of herself that she retweeted it:



So courageous.


Next up, Pramila:

No such thing as ‘abortion rights.’

And abortion is inhumane.

Fixed that for her.

They must never stop fighting to continue making another living human being pay the ultimate price for their actions and decisions.

This didn’t go the way they thought it would.


The fact abortion is NOT rare is even more reason to look at Roe again. Just sayin’.

Only 62 MILLION since Roe … totally rare.

And super courageous apparently.



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