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'Constitution does NOT include a right to abortion': Thread describing Alito's 'thoughtful, scholarly, and thorough' draft will make you FIST-PUMP

We’ve seen a lot about the actual act of leaking Alito’s draft and of course, the absolute, unhinged, unglued meltdown on the Left over even the POSSIBILITY that they won’t be able to abort on-demand, using the supposedly safe, legal, and RARE procedure as birth control, but what we haven’t seen is much about what the actual draft says.


Big thanks to Carrie Severino for breaking it down for us so even this editor can understand it.

The opinion concludes the Constitution does not provide a right to an abortion.


Roe was an abuse of judicial authority and it has been absolutely weaponized.

So good.

Keep going.




That won’t stop the Left from pretending this is political but it’s true. Abortion should have zero Constitutional protections … it’s not a right.

We might cry, this is so beautiful.

This. This. This.


Alito nailed it. Sorry, not sorry.



‘Abortion IS racist, actually’: Nikole Hannah-Jones’ attempt to frame pro-life movement as ‘religious right’ and RACIST goes SO wrong

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