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'My Shadow Crew is sickkk!' Elon Musk's response to WSJ claiming he has a 'secret crew of misfits egging him on' is hilariously perfect

It’s official, the media does NOT know what to do with Elon Musk. Which makes this all even more perfect.

And fun.

Look at this silliness from the Wall Street Journal:


It’s a super SECRET crew of billionaires and misfits …

Oooh, we want one! Because of course, Elon couldn’t be acting on his own.

Who ARE these people?

Elon Musk’s response is prefect:


We’d buy a hoodie.

True story.

Oh, we’re sure they’ll see the ‘kkk’ at the end of sick and accuse him of white supremacy any minute now.


Oooh, that would be b*tchin’.



Our bad.



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