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OMG make it stop! Joe Biden butchers famous Reagan quote in awkward 'roast' of Republicans over Disney and even the media cringes (watch)

Whoever wrote Joe Biden’s material for the White House Correspondent’s Dinner last night shouldn’t quit his/her/their/its day job. Seriously. We get it, corporate media really has become nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party and they more than welcomed their ‘leader’ at last night’s dinner, but even THEY didn’t laugh at the plastic puppet’s jokes.


There is almost an uncomfortable silence after Joe’s joke about Republicans and Disney.


Yikes. Right?

They made such a big deal about how a sitting president hasn’t attended since 2016.

Say what you will about Trump, he would have at least been more entertaining than this house plant.

Painful even.

We’re sure the disinformation czar took a little time from her busy day singing to approve Biden’s remarks written by someone else.

It was just a mess. And such a simple quote, too.

Hey, at least he didn’t try shaking hands with someone who wasn’t there, right?


He’s always been a jerk.

He is a jerk.

And he will always be a jerk.

He’s just their jerk so it’s ok or something.

The 30s, but who’s counting?


Seems that way.

And that’s why they’re losing.

Take a bow, Brandon.



Gosh, that’s too BAD: Elon Musk may fire Twitter’s TOP advocate for censoring conservatives (who they paid $17 MILLION just last year)

BEYOND parody –> Pam Keith’s SUPER-GENIUS plan for how Dems can ‘run the table in November’ proves they really ARE doomed

Unlike other Hollywood whiners losing their MINDS over Elon Musk buying Twitter, William Shatner EMBRACES it in perfect tweet

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