Twitter paid Vijaya Gadde $17 MILLION dollars last year alone to act as their ‘chief censor.’

And it sounds like the woman Twitter paid millions and millions could actually be let go.

We see you smiling.

From The New York Post:

Twitter’s chief lawyer — seen as the social network’s top advocate for censoring conservatives — is among the highly paid executives who stand to lose their job if Elon Musk completes his takeover of the company.

Vijaya Gadde, who earned $17 million last year as Twitter’s top legal counsel, could be on the chopping block as Musk is reportedly planning to slash jobs and reduce executive pay as he looks to secure financing for his Twitter bid.

After disclosing plans to acquire the company earlier this month, Musk expressed “no confidence” in Twitter’s current management — which doesn’t bode well for their future once he takes the helm later this year.

Seventeen MILLION dollars a year to control the conversation.

To control the NARRATIVE.

No wonder the Left is flipping out … without Vijaya there to make sure their narrative is the only narrative that’s acceptable to the masses they could be in for a world of hurt and reality. Also, it sort of explains why Biden suddenly has his little ‘Ministry of Truth’ set up to do what Vijaya has been doing for what sounds like a very long time.

Folks don’t seem all that upset about Vijaya maybe losing her job.

Yeah, us either.

We are definitely in the WRONG business. Heh.



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