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'He SHOULD'VE worn pants': Greg Gutfeld 'live-tweets' (sorta) the WHCD and we REALLY really hope at least some of this happened

Greg Gutfeld knows comedy so of course, the White House Correspondents Dinner went with Trevor Noah. We suppose corporate media inviting Greg to host their little nerd prom would go about as well as inviting Ricky Gervais to host any Hollywood award show …


We’d all be amused but the people attending would be very very very uncomfortable.

Luckily, Greg was good enough to live-tweet the event. Sorta.

Hey, these things could totally have happened.



We don’t even want to know.

Except we sorta do.


Give it a rest, Tapper.


Annnd we’re officially dead now.

Thanks, Greg.



Wise move.

THERE it is.

We can’t help but visualize all of this; his story about this dinner is likely far more entertaining than it really was.


She really has, you know.

And finally this …


Something we’ve noticed about all of these ‘distinguished’ super-spreader events, the elite living it up and partying while the staff serving them are all masked up.

Tells us everything we need to know about the media in this case, right?



OMG make it stop! Joe Biden butchers famous Reagan quote in awkward ‘roast’ of Republicans over Disney and even the media looks embarrassed (watch)

Gosh, that’s too BAD: Elon Musk may fire Twitter’s TOP advocate for censoring conservatives (who they paid $17 MILLION just last year)

BEYOND parody –> Pam Keith’s SUPER-GENIUS plan for how Dems can ‘run the table in November’ proves they really ARE doomed

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