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THIS --> Elon Musk has just one word in response to Biden forming his own 'Ministry of Truth' as a way to monitor (control) free speech

As Twitchy readers know, not even a week after Twitter accepted Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter, news broke of the Biden admin creating a ‘Disinformation Governance Board,‘ which sounds an awful lot like his own Ministry of Truth. As if we needed more proof that this administration seeks to control the narrative by any means possible.


Elon responded to this tweet about the so-called Ministry of Truth from Steven Crowder …

With just one word.


The federal government’s desperation to keep Americans from having honest conversations with one another and sharing varying ideas, agendas and narratives is not only discomforting, but it’s also terrifying. In a country founded on a free people and their free discourse …

We’re not China, Sleepy Joe.

Odd, isn’t it? There were no magical boards of disinformation at the federal level before, only when a guy who wants to make sure every American has a chance to be heard on the Twitter public square is in charge.


We hope he puts up a good fight as well.

Let’s not pretend Obama’s third admin … sorry … Biden’s admin gives one single damn about the First Amendment.

Americans talking to Americans without being controlled by algorithms and ‘gatekeepers’ could be very difficult for politicians.



That it is.

Damn predictable.



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‘Ministry of TRUTH, anyone?! Biden admin’s reaction to Elon Musk pushing for free speech on Twitter says SO much about this crap admin

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