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'Put the crack pipe DOWN': Shaun King accuses Elon Musk of buying Twitter for WHITE POWER and even his followers think he's a tool

Oh, good, Shaun King is still spouting off stupid crap. We’d almost forgotten he existed.

Hey man, if part of your job relied on the stupidity of others you’d be glad to see them spouting this level of stupidity as well. And c’mon, it’s not like anyone really responded to Shaun’s strange little thread with overwhelming agreement and support.


Look at this:

Imagine how absolutely warped you have to be to believe the only people being silenced on Twitter are white nationalists. Ok, so it is Shaun King we’re talking about and nobody has ever accused him of being the brightest crayon in the box but HOLY COW this is dumb.

He wrote a thread on it.

This editor is not a white nationalist.

At all.

This editor is giddy about the idea of a level playing field when it comes to ideas.

But hey, whatever Shaun needs to tell himself so he can feel justified in the silencing of people he disagrees with.


Isn’t Shaun a white guy? Wasn’t that the basis of why so many people really hate him?

We’ve lost track of this particular crazy.


This from Professor Carter is surprising and something many people seem to forget:

It just happens to be white males on the Left who reward black faces that agree to ‘front’ their goals.


She continued:

This ^^^


Thinking is really hard for people like Shaun.

And accepting people think differently from him is even harder.

Annnd we’re dead.



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