Quitting Publix over a bill that doesn’t even exist. Yikes.

Welp, Jack Petocz does say he’s a ‘student activist’ so maybe he hasn’t learned a whole lot just yet? Otherwise, this is just painfully sad, quitting a job he had for four years because he bought into some line of propaganda some other Leftist spewed to try and hurt DeSantis for protecting children 4-8 at school. It looks bad when you read the actual law and see what it actually does and see someone like Petocz proudly say he quit over it.

Maybe he should’ve read it before he quit?

It’s hate to give parents a say in what their kids do and don’t learn about in school? Especially when they’re really young?

Weird flex.

And yes, the mockery and dragging have been fairly monumental.

Hey man, those Rice Krispies aren’t going to stock themselves.



Most people who do actually read it agree with it.

Crazy, we know.

David Hogg is very upset people are calling this young man out … especially at Christina Pushaw.

Guess she should just let this very outspoken activist lie? Not inform him that he just quit his job over a lie?

Hogg will never change.



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