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Much stunning, so BRAVE: Taylor Lorenz tells CNN potato Brian Stelter she doxed Libs Of Tik Tok because she 'COULD'VE been a foreign actor'

Taylor Lorenz is the worst, so it only makes sense that CNN’s worst interviewed her. Seems she felt she had no other choice but to dox Libs Of Tik Tok because gosh, she could’ve been a foreign actor. THAT’S IT, we knew it all along, IT WAS RUSSIA.


Brian Stelter sitting there nodding his head like a big ol’ tool … and c’mon, does she deliberately speak like a high school girl? Is this supposed to make her sound less like a harpy from Hell?


If Brian had any sort of journalistic integrity he would have pushed her on the foreign actor thing.

But we all know he doesn’t.

He was just hoping people would watch him interview this horrible person.

Because she’s nothing more than a blue-check troll.



She’s the very worst sort of garbage person.


So of course, Tater wanted to interview her.

Or she knew there would be consequences and she also knew her pals in the mainstream media would run cover for her because they’re all soulless a-holes who stopped being journalists a long, long time ago.

They all deserve one another.



Twitter better HOPE Elon Musk’s tweet about ‘barbarians’ is not FORESHADOWING because if it IS sh*it is about to get real

SOOO MAD: Kevin Sorbo mocks TF out of both CNN+ and pronoun NAGS in one perfectly hilarious tweet and they just can’t DEA

You’d think this can’t be REAL but yes, yes it is: Transgender author under FIRE for killing off J.K. Rowling in depraved novel

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