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What's she trying to HIDE?! Hillary Clinton rails against free speech on tech platforms and HOO BOY people REALLY hate this woman

Interesting how many prominent Democrats are coming out against freedom of speech calling it ‘disinformation’ while trying desperately to maintain control of the narrative. Almost as if they’re worried if someone actually fixes an algorithm or two Americans will finally start seeing what’s really going on in D.C., the country, and even the world.


First, we had Obama, the King of Disinformation (you can keep your plan if you like your plan), presenting an impassioned speech about how disinformation is destroying our democracy, and then there’s this tweet from the herpes of politics herself, Hillary Clinton.

She’s burny, itchy, unpleasant, and never goes away.

See? It works.

Unlike her crap tweet.



Who are these people?

Oh, that’s right, Democrats.

That reads.

As you can imagine, this didn’t go over so hot.

Take all the seats, Grammy.


We will see an intensified effort to shut down anyone and everyone who disagrees with them and who they view as a threat. You guys are VIP readers here with Twitchy, right? Heh.

THERE it is.


Good times.

We actually remember that very day.

These are the same people who called anyone who wanted people to make up their own minds about lockdowns, masks, distancing, etc. NAZIS.


That works.




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