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THAT is gonna leave a mark! Greg Gutfeld uses CNN+ to LEVEL Chris Wallace (and vice versa) and it's a glorious thing (watch)

Sorry but Chris Wallace totally had this comin’.

We know, we’ve seen all of the tweets from our ‘betters’ lecturing everyone not to be unkind about CNN+ even though they didn’t even last a month and these same people were more than fine with the Keystone XL employees losing their jobs because of Biden, but tough cookies.


We kinda sorta totally agree with Greg Gutfeld’s take here.

Well, takes.

Especially with Chris since he was treated as some hero and champion for leaving Fox News to go do this.



But this one … THIS ONE is our favorite.

Watch again.

‘Entice them with a promise and then ditch them on the side of the road.’


But wait, there’s one more!



Seems Greg found a way with every topic they talked about to drag Chris.

And as we said way up there, he had it coming.



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