Dr. Fauci doesn’t seem pleased that a Florida judge nipped his power trip in the bud. He thinks forcing masks on millions of Americans is a ‘CDC issue,’ and not a court issue.

Almost as if he thinks they are the law.

And of course, they’re not.

Watch this hot mess:

Awww, he’s surprised and disappointed.

What’s insane is this guy doesn’t even understand WHY the courts got involved. CDC has no authority. They can suggest actions but ultimately they don’t create and pass laws and they certainly don’t execute them.

The ego on this guy.

Thomas Massie took down the maniacal munchkin a peg or two:

‘And found it was illegal.’

What do you know?

Gosh, we feel shocked.

Ok, so not really but it’s fun to pretend, right?

He hasn’t been missed.

Not one little bit.

They should never have absolute power at all, they’re not even a branch of the government. They’re a federal agency.

Yeah, we don’t remember that either.

And ultimately, we know this is about their desire to mask us up in the future, should there be some spike or variant they find politically beneficial. They don’t want to lose the power they’ve been given, which tells us all they should NEVER have been given this level of power in the first place.

Scary stuff.

PS: So this tweet has nothing really to do with Massie dropping the evil little COVID gnome/dictator but OMG LOL …


Right there.



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