We haven’t heard from Tim Allen in a while, so when we saw him trending this morning our first thought was, ‘Oh EFF, are they trying to cancel him now?’ Luckily, it was because he tweeted something pretty damn good.

Far too often, we lose sight of how important the people who ‘do’ are because we spend so much time hearing about the people who blame and b*tch.

It’s true. Especially on Twitter.

Tim said it far better:

What Tim said. All-day, every day.

We miss seeing Tim on his shows as well. Granted, as this editor is GenX, we see him more as Tim the Toolman Taylor but either way it works. He was a good dad on both shows …

Such an excellent reminder when we’re simply inundated with how horrible things are in this country right now. Biden’s presidency has given us crazy inflation, energy DEPENDENCE, war, division … it’s easy to lose sight of the simple yet important things.

And Tim gets that.

It USED to be the American way.

Let’s hope we can get back to that sooner than later.



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