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Pompous A*S ALERT --> David French DROPPED then DRAGGED for thinking he gets to decide who is and ISN'T a conservative

David French thinks he should decide who is and isn’t conservative.

Alrighty then.

He had to know this tweet wouldn’t make him any friends, right? As the house plant he helped elect to the White House would say, ‘C’mon man’!


It definitely doesn’t ‘fit’ David anymore.

That’s probably why so many people were pissed at him over this tweet. Supporting a Democrat that is slowly but surely destroying the country doesn’t seem all that conservative to people who actually use their brains. He should be honest and admit he’s a conservative his pals on the Left find acceptable.

This went so bad for him:

It is very tiresome.

The nagging.

The finger-wagging.

We get enough of that from the Left, Dave.


Remember when he attacked Christians? Accused them of being political radicals?

SUPER conservative to do that.



Fair question.


And fin.



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