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Cue the MELTDOOOWN: Elon Musk tweets just four little words about his offer and OMG this is gonna be so much fun

As Twitchy readers know, Elon Musk has made an offer to buy Twitter outright.

If you didn’t see it on our site, in the news, or on social media, you likely heard the screeches, screams, shrieks, and wails coming from the Left after the announcement. Imagine, a level playing field for the Right during an election year.


THIS is gonna be fun.

Four glorious little words.

We almost want to ask Elon if he made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.



Sadly, we’re not holding our breath that they’ll actually accept …

So does that mean hostile takeover?



Oh, you know it. They’re going to need a month off to deal with the trauma of Elon Musk just offering to buy the company, let alone owning it.

We can’t say this enough, THIS is gonna be fun.



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