Wow. Robert Reich is still upset over Elon Musk blocking him for being an annoying troll two years ago. Oh, and he doesn’t really have any idea what free speech means if he thinks Elon blocking him makes him less of a free speech absolutist.

Elon didn’t stop Bob from spewing a bunch of stupid (trust us, he continues to spew endless amounts of dumb), it just kept him from having to listen to it. What many on the Left do is not only block people they disagree with but go out of their way to destroy them so no one else can hear from them either.

You’d think a professor like Bob would know that.

It’s about power.


Does Bob think it’s not about power now with Big Tech and the progressive activists running it? Hey, at least he didn’t threaten to slap Elon like he did Sinema.

You can guess how this went over with people who actually know what free speech means.


You are absolutely free to babble whatever crazy, genius, silly, obnoxious, funny, sad, horrible, etc. STUFF you want … but there’s no rule or law that says we have to listen to you. Bob missed that point, apparently.

Bob is on a mission to trash Elon … lol.

Bob is fine with oligarchs as long as they agree with him.

Ding ding ding.



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