We GET it media, you’re no longer hiding the fact you’re the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party but c’mon! The only people dumb enough to believe the crazy inflation we’re seeing right now (the highest in 40 YEARS!) is Putin’s fault probably also believe Biden really got 81 million votes.

Oh, we’re not supposed to make those jokes, right?

Too bad.

Rich Baris aka The People’s Pundit went OFF on the media for quickly pointing the finger at Putin today as atrocious numbers come out about inflation in March.

Oooh, the chart is a nice touch.

We were in trouble long before Putin decided to invade Ukraine … Hell, we’ve been in trouble since the day Biden took office.

But you guys knew that.

The media have almost done more damage to this country than Congress and the Biden administration … almost.

They are certainly NOT helping.

Just look at the number of people who still think Trump called white nationalists ‘very fine people.’ Media did that.

Yup. Many of them are already laying the groundwork implying Russia will be interfering in our elections this November.

Suppose since they think it sort of worked for them before it will work again?

Hey, their base isn’t exactly filled with the brightest crayons in the box.



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