So appears there were no working cameras at the Brooklyn subway station during today’s mass shooting.

Yeah, we made a similar face.

From WCBS Newsradio:

Speaking on CNN a short time later, Adams said “we do not have a positive ID [on a suspect] at this time.”

He told WCBS 880 that an investigation is underway into how the station’s camera system allegedly “malfunction.”

“The preliminary review stated that at that particular station there appeared to have been some form of malfunction with the camera system,” Adams said on WCBS 880. “That is still under investigation. We are communicating with the MTA to find out was it throughout the entire station or was it just one camera so that’s still something that we are looking into.”

How could cameras at the Brooklyn station NOT be working at just that time? That’s weird, right?

Won’t someone think of the children?!

This shooting will be out of the media by end of the day tomorrow if even that long.



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