Elizabeth Warren is the epitome of the damage big government can do to the people. Forget that she spent DECADES lying about her heritage to take advantage of government and college programs meant to support Native Americans, but her party is largely responsible for what is happening in this country right now.

Even if you try and give them a little with the struggles of coming out of a government lockdown, Biden and Democrats have made things so much worse.

And that’s probably why she’s working so hard to make everyone think the EVIL CORPORATIONS are doing it, and that more government and more government programs are the answer.

She even wrote a thread.

She’s been calling it out.


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When will she call on the Biden administration to crack down on public servants profiteering? How much did Liz charge for one class again?

Notice she never says WHY they’re raising prices. She wants you to think they’re doing it because they’re greedy, she doesn’t want to admit they’re doing it so they can cover the costs of everything else that is going up thanks to Biden’s policies.

Guess what? Their costs have gone up too, Liz.

Remember when Biden reversed Trump’s policy capping the cost of insulin and the Epipen?

We do.

Again, no mention of their cost going up.

And there it is.

She has a plan for that.

Vox covered it because of course they did.

If we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads we’d be able to see DC from our house.

THERE it is.

She never talked about that.

It’s all she has.

Right? The government’s solution to any problem is always more government.

That’s probably not a good thing.




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