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Who they REALLY are --> Lefties celebrate Juanita Broaddrick being suspended for DARING to stray from approved COVID narrative

Juanita Broaddrick has been suspended from Twitter over a COVID tweet.

Boy oh boy, they love suspending people who think differently about a virus.

Almost as if our pals at Twitter have a certain agenda … ahem.


From The Daily Mail:

Juanita Broaddrick, 79, published a tweet on April 9 which called into question the effectiveness of vaccines and argued they are ‘DNA-altering’ jabs being pushed so pharmaceutical companies can make big profits.

Her account was subsequently locked by Twitter for ‘violating the policy on spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19’, according to an email she received from the platform and shared with Fox News.

There is no credible evidence that Covid vaccines can alter a person’s DNA, and the jabs are credited with giving millions of people extra protection from the virus which has likely saved millions of lives.

But pharmaceutical companies have been accused of not sharing the development process for their vaccines, which would enable companies in poorer countries to produce cheaper versions of them

Let us know when Twitter starts suspending people who claim the vaccine stops the virus from spreading since that’s ‘misleading’ as well.


Something has got to give.

It’s been YEARS.

And as usual, Lefties are celebrating someone they disagree with being silenced on the social media giant:

Why do so many of these horrible people have Ukrainian flags in their avis?

Which rule did she break?


From a singing group founded on their hatred of Trump.

The irony.


Such nice people, right?

Who wants to tell them Elon isn’t joining the board so he can possibly by more stock and take over the company complete?



Oh honey, NO! Blue-check trans activist thinks she’s got a big ol’ DUNK on conservatives by pushing for a ‘Don’t Say Bible’ bill and LOL

Fear-monger Eric Feigl-Ding seems SHOCKED China’s govt. behaving the way he WANTED the US govt. to with COVID is actually HORRIFIC

Now, THIS is embarrassing: Blue-check thinks she’s DUNKING on The Federalist over Dollywood piece but HELLO she just dunked on herself

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