This is a bad take.

Like the epitome of a bad take.

There are sorta-bad takes and then there are UBER-bad takes.

And this one? UBER-bad on steroids.

Tell us you’re not only clueless about the Florida LAW and religion in schools without actually saying you’re clueless about the Florida law and religion in schools.

Yeah, that’ll teach those conservatives!

Make it illegal to teach religion in school.

She knows it’s already illegal to teach religion in public schools, right?

This would only be clever if there really was a ‘Don’t Say Gay,’ bill … ok, it wouldn’t even be clever then.


This is an insult to not very bright people everywhere.


What’s really depressing is this clueless dolt has nearly 50k likes on his/her/their clueless tweet.

Note, some are claiming she wants to forbid even parents from teaching their children about religion, but not only is that even dumber, but it really makes her ‘dunk’ meaningless if she’s trying to take on the so-called ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill.

Either way, it’s dumb.

Yay, Twitter.



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