The Parental Rights in Education law in Florida is not about LGBTQ.

Disney should know better.

Honestly, anyone and everyone pretending this law has anything at all to do with ‘gay’ should know better BUT it is 2022 and narrative is more important than reality, especially to our good friends on the Left. We knew it was bad, but we didn’t know they were so ingrained in pushing the wrong narrative that they would out themselves in such an embarrassing manner.

Like Grace Segers, who thought this was somehow a dunk on The Federalist.

A GOTCHA even.


The Federalist literally proves the argument isn’t about the LGBTQ community, that it’s about Disney and keeping adults from talking about sexuality (ANY sexuality) with small children at school but leave it to a blue-check to get it WRONG. Again.

We’re almost embarrassed for her.


And that’s why ‘The Federalist’ encouraged people to go to Dollywood.

Not to mention at this point it’s definitely more family-friendly than Disney.

Whaddya know?

No, no they do NOT get it.



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