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FoLlOw ThE sCiEnCe! Jen Psaki's excuse for why Kamala Harris was pictured indoors WITHOUT a mask sets off major BS detectors (watch)

There were many pictures of Kamala Harris unmasked and INDOORS when Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed. Apparently, it was an emotional and historic day and COVID isn’t contagious on emotional and historic days.


Or something.

So if we claim flying on a plane is emotional and historic for us can we go without one?

Asking for a friend.


Kamala was emotional and historic. Yeah, that’s it.

Plus she’s super distinguished and stuff.

Isn’t that what they claimed about Obama’s birthday party/super-spreader event? It was ok for them to party because they were distinguished? Unlike us unwashed plebs who were tired of being masked every day just to go to work and school.

It’s a super-smart virus.

Ours too.


There it is.

If we don’t laugh we’ll never stop throwing up.

Yeah, us too.

Sorry, but we won’t be wearing masks ever again because we’re just that emotional and historic.

And thems’ the rules now.



Gosh, we’re SHOCKED! CA, NY handled lockdowns the worst according to new study … just GUESS who was among the best

‘A little gratitude is in ORDER’: Dr. Jordan Peterson drops SJWs in EPIC thread on why it’s not only ok to be a man, but NECESSARY

MAFF IS HARD! Virginia Democrats prove once again WHY they lost so spectacularly in November of 21 (and will continue to lose)

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