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Sh*t just got REAL! Elon Musk officially becomes Twitter's largest shareholder (let the games BEGIN!)

Last week, Elon Musk was hinting at getting involved in the social media world, especially when it comes to free speech. Only a complete moron would believe Twitter hasn’t always been and continues to be completely biased against certain groups of people. This editor, for example, is a conservative woman with over 100k followers and clearly works for a legit media conglomerate, but Twitter refuses to verify, claiming the account is ‘problematic’ or ‘not important enough.’


Meanwhile, obit editors with 200 followers from a small paper in Oregon are verified …

Anyway, let’s hope that’s all about to CHANGE because shiznit just got real:

And as we all know, Elon is a free-speech absolutist.

THIS is gonna be fun.


Let’s hope he does INDEED start to shake things up.

RIGHT before the midterms too.

An even playing field … wow. Good luck, Lefties.



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