Unions hate the idea of school choice because that means the crappy schools with crappier teachers they protect have to start performing or they could lose funding. And if the crappy teachers lose funding guess who else loses funding.

The crappiest ones of them all, the teacher’s unions.

This is awesome:

Not entirely sure why Keith Olbermann got his panties all wadded up and tried to pick a fight with Corey over this very basic idea that would actually help all students, but he’s not known for being all that smart or thoughtful or even the least bit useful.

Sounds like he wants to punish students who get school choice.

Good work?

How about this, ya’ jacka*s:

Take the L, Keith.

We can’t help but notice that all of these privileged, old white people don’t want children to have the same level of education they had. We’re already paying for schools with our taxes, we’re not changing that, we just think the money should follow the student.

What’s so difficult and wrong with that?

Fair point.


The Left love to keep the little people LITTLE so they can pretend they need to be saved. They’ll never really save them though because without their struggle, Democrats have no con to run.

Keith must really want that crappy job with MSNBC.



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