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Stunning (and not in a good way)! Ted Cruz just BLISTERS KBJ for having 'no position' on whether or not our RIGHTS are inherent

Say what you will about Ketanji Brown-Jackson being lenient on predators (we’ve said a lot and honestly that should give any senator pause when voting yes for her) and refusing to define what a woman is but THIS … this is legit insane. A SCOTUS justice not having a ‘position’ on whether or not our rights are inherent?

Having no position on the Declaration of Independence? REALLY?

And of course, Biden nominated her. What a joke.

This should be an immediate disqualifier.

She should not pass go.

She should not collect $200.

Ted Cruz sounds as shocked as we are:

Stunning, and not in a good way.

Like, at all.



There shouldn’t even be a debate at this point.

Sort of like how she totally knows what a woman is but didn’t want to answer because it was politically inconvenient.

This woman does not have the best interest of America or for that matter Americans at heart.

Not. At. All.

A judge with no position on rights being inherent? PASS.



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