So, we missed this.

RIGHT?! How could we have missed something so absolutely Twitchy-worthy? This editor blames Putin as that seems to be the popular thing to do these days, ahem, Biden. But truth be told, there is an awful lot of horrible and stupid on Twitter and occasionally even we miss something.

And speaking of horrible and stupid … WOOF.

What the Hell is birth equity?

You know what? We don’t really wanna know.

Fun fact, this doctor is Chief Medical Officer in NYC. Somehow that just fits, ya’ know?

Birthing person. She means WOMAN.

And apparently, racism is to blame if a WOMAN dies during childbirth.

Or something.

Support birthing people … women.

Support WOMEN.

That we can’t even say woman while talking about CHILDBIRTH tells us how damn dumb everything really is right now.

And there it is.

White women are birthing people.

Women of color are MOTHERS.

This equity stuff sucks, just fyi.


Now THERE’s a word we don’t use often enough.

And accurate.

We suppose it’s better than ‘reproductive justice’?

Then again, maybe not.




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