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GRRL BYE: Kamala Harris tries convincing Americans making under $400k they WON'T be taxed 'a penny more' under Biden's plan and HOOBOY

Wow, Kamala Harris is so bad at this. Or whoever is writing her tweets for her is bad at this because YIKES. No matter how many times Kamala and Joe push the lie that people making under $400k won’t pay a penny more in taxes they get called out.


You’d think they’d figure out Americans aren’t as stupid as they think we are, but then again, they probably believe 81 million of us voted for them.

Paying their fair share.

They’ve been pushing that lie for decades. With 50 years in government you’d THINK Joe would have figured this out by now.

Inflation is the everyman tax.

Let’s hear it for the Democrats!


They own all of this! Remember that when you vote in November.


Ding ding ding. ^

Virginia taxes groceries and Senate Democrats won’t let Governor Youngkin remove it.

Democrats love taxing people, it’s what they live for.

This is an insult to absolute morons everywhere.

The other tax.


We’d honestly be surprised if Kamala could spell tax, let alone define it.

But hey, they promise not a penny more!



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