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'Water-carrying DOLTS': PolitiFact 'fact-checks' big meanies blaming Biden for raising gas prices and WHOO DAWGIE that's a lotta backfire

PolitiFact? More like PolitiFiction. See what we did there?

You guys, PolitiFact wants us all to know that Biden halting the Keystone XL pipeline is not to blame for the high gas prices and it’s all RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA. Forget the prices had started to climb long before Putin invaded Ukraine, it’s totally Russia’s fault and this fact-check says we should stop blaming Biden and Democrats.



Oh, we’re sure some yahoo on the Left will use this as some sort of PROOF it’s not Biden’s fault but c’mon … ain’t nobody got time for that.


But you know, Biden tapping into our emergency reserve is totally helpful and stuff.

So damn painful.

Oh, and the ‘likely’ tells us this is a SUPER-REAL fact-check.

Shameful even.

Almost as if PolitiFact is taking their cues from the president himself.




This is an insult to frauds everywhere.


Water-carrying dolts sums them up nicely.



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