Wow, Disney. Not a great look … at all.

Seems Disney’s ex-CEO Bob Iger thinks parents having rights in education is potentially harmful to children. Oh, but don’t worry, it’s not political or anything for Iger, it just seems like right and wrong and stuff. Honestly, we hope this yahoo hasn’t read the bill and is just grossly ignorant and uninformed because otherwise, he is deliberately spreading a fake narrative to play politics.

Watch this hot mess:


These people do realize parents are a huge part of why they are successful in the first place, right?


And yet the mainstream media keep putting them front and center, almost as if they have some sort of agenda themselves.


That would be a hoot.

They really are.

Maybe that’s what they really want?



And yes, yes it should have been.


No one ever accused these people of being overly smart or being able to read a room.

Hence the last few Star Wars movies …



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