The same people who lectured us about doctors being heroes during the pandemic were ghosting them …

This thread from front-line doc Sai Medi is an important read, even if it is painful and incredibly sad. While we were being scolded by the elite class aka Branch Covidians for not treating medical personnel like HEROES, being lectured by commercials telling us WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, it seems they were talking the talk but not walking the walk.

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It gets more infuriating.

They were all very busy patting themselves on the backs for CARING SO MUCH about medical professionals BUT if they wanted to take part in community activities? OH NO.

Their whole worlds become healthcare, in practice, and in the community.

Because the same people who were telling us how much they LOVED THEM wanted nothing to do with them.

Toddler-maskers, pro-sciencers, pro-equity crowd.

The people pretending they’re saving us all by continuing to wear a piece of cotton on their smug faces? Yup.

That’s actually pretty damn cool.

Read that again. It was the class who NEVER had any skin in the game who had the most anxiety. Politicians. Activists. Teacher’s Unions. Teachers. Pundits. Media.

Their affluent anxiety.

Damn, that’s good.

COVID has become a religion.


Support them.


But not just in words and selfies and singing together, but in reality. And LISTEN to them.



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