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Blue-check REALLY lays it on thick playing the LGBT victim because parents don't want adults talking to their small children about sexuality

This whole ‘Don’t Say Gay’ narrative may well be the dumbest thing we’ve seen from the Left this year, and that includes the spin they’ve been pushing nonstop trying to convince us Biden is actually doing a GOOD JOB. Anyone who has bothered to read the Parents Rights in Education LAW knows there is literally NOTHING in the law about not saying gay. It simply says adults may not speak to very small children (4-8) about sexuality.


Honestly, it should say ‘adults at school may not speak to any minor about their sexuality’ but we digress.

Jason Kuznicki must really want adults to talk to small children about sexuality because he laid it on THICK here:

Not entirely sure what he thought would happen – but he did eventually lock down the replies so maybe he figured it out. Note, when people lock down replies, others can still quote-tweet them, which is often worse than just letting people respond.



Hurting not helping.

Not a great look for Disney here either.

Double ouch.

Nope. None of them have.

This is the ugliest part, assuming parents won’t love and accept their own children if they are gay.


The law is simple.

The narrative, is not.

And that tells us the narrative is crap.



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