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Chris Hayes takes SUCH a whoopin' over his pathetic tweet ignoring the Kavanaugh elephant in the room he LOCKS replies

Can you *IMAGINE* if Chris Hayes for just ONE moment in his sad little career wasn’t a complete and total hack? Yeah, we can’t either. Someone who tweets something THIS ridiculous is too far gone to even know they’re that far gone.


We’ve seen what Democrats are willing to do to try and keep conservatives from having a 5-4 majority:

It’s as if these people have forgotten what they did to Kavanaugh OR they think we have. That or he’s so used to his lame-brain viewers and supporters that he doesn’t expect much more from other people.

You can imagine how this went over:

We’re going with the ‘total hypocrite’ thing.

That’s EXACTLY what they did. Plus they accused him of having anger and drinking issues.

Nothing was too low for Democrats when it came to Kavanaugh, and yet Republicans are the bad guys for asking KBJ about her very real record.


Ding ding and ding.

But you know, Republicans are daring to ASK Ketanji Brown Jackson about her record and holding her accountable for what many feel is are questionable decisions when sentencing child pornography offenders.

Totally the bad guys here.



Chris would have to be somewhat objective to recognize and understand the irony of his own stupid tweet. That being said, he did eventually lock down replies but we’re willing to bet he did that NOT because he figured out his tweet was stupid, but he got tired of those evil white supremacists (ha!) dragging him on Twitter.



Case CLOSED: Attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon looks at KBJ’s refusal to define a woman from a LEGAL perspective in damning thread

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