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'Vapid would be an UPGRADE': Brit Hume TRIGGERS harpy-horde with viciously honest tweet about Kamala Harris and the Democratic Party

Yesterday, Vice President Kamala Harris (you know, the woman one heartbeat away from being the leader of the free world) spent a good bit of time talking about the significance of the passage of time. She spent so much time passing time on the significance of passing time that many people were not only absolutely confused by what she was trying to say but absolutely taken aback by the reality that THIS is who Biden picked.


Based on sex and skin color.

When you focus on checking boxes over qualifications and an actual record, this is what you get.

Brit Hume even took a moment to address the elephant in the room talking about the passage of time:

Ooooh, good point.

Democrats didn’t want Bernie Sanders, so they pushed the guy who thought he was still a senator.

Gotta love it.

Ok, not really.


Brit must have been a bit too honest because HOO BOY, talk about shrieking:


Still way better than Kamala or Biden. Just sayin’.

They still can’t meme worth a damn.

David sees nothing wrong with the PASSAGE OF TIME.


And we hate to break it to people whose only argument when defending Kamala or Joe is ‘but Trump,’ BUT that doesn’t really make Kamala or Joe less cringe.

She was qualified?


Oh, our sides.


Was she an actual VP?

Gosh, we missed that.

Awww, Lefties don’t like it when Brit tells the truth about Kamala.




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