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'I will NOT be told to shut up and COPE': Tweep ANNIHILATES Bloomberg piece talking down to the little people about surviving inflation in KICK-A*S thread

Bloomberg can SUCK IIIIIIT.

For many reasons, but especially for this garbage piece basically lecturing the poors about how they can deal with crazy-as* Biden inflation by eating lentils and skipping that second car and of course, letting your dog with cancer die.


Yeah, it was a real special piece:

The ratio on that crap story is IMPRESSIVE, fyi.

They pissed everyone off.

But this thread from Lady Demosthenes is probably our favorite response to this level of stupid from Bloomberg.

Take a gander:

It just gets better and better.

Keep going.

BUGS AND LENTILS, thank you very much.



She gets it, right?

A 21% increase.

Yay government.

Winner winner.

Nice Venezuela dig.

Ok, not really nice, it’s more a SCARY dig but yeah, that’s clever.

‘Be adults. Stop looking for daddy government to take care of you. Take personal responsibility.’


Crazy that has to be said but we are living in a time and place where people will sit back and wait for the government to tell them what to do.

And if we have a problem with that, we’re insurrectionists, or racists, or bigots, or science-deniers, or anti-vaxxers, or whatever other happy horse sh*t they want to throw at us to make themselves feel superior for being completely and totally controlled by people they supposedly elect to work FOR THEM.

We will not just cope and move on.

Sorry, not sorry.



‘Good GRAVY, get this psycho a Snickers bar!’ Male-Karen FREAKS OUT on #FreedomConvoy truckers in D.C. and their reaction is PERFECTION (watch)

NOT a cult! Chick who claims KINDNESS MATTERS MOST gets real ugly real FAST about unvaccinated peeps (gramps’ response is even WORSE)

Miranda Devine DRAGS every single signee of dishonest election eve letter claiming Hunter Biden’s emails were ‘classic earmarks of Russian disinformation’

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