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Public schools under Democratic RULE: Another sexual assault covered up by an Alexandria, VA high school to 'advance anti-police agenda'

No words for how awful and evil this is:


One-party Democratic rule in Virginia was a mess for schools. Clearly.

From National Review:

We have learned that the Alexandria school district and school board withheld information from parents about a violent sexual assault by multiple people in a city high school, one that sent the victim to the hospital and led to a police investigation. Alexandria police have now directly confirmed to Independent Women’s Forum via email that the police arrested a 14-year-old suspect in early December for “aggravated sexua[l] battery, rape, and forcible sodomy” in connection with the October incident at Minnie Howard campus. The police declined to share additional detail about the incident due to the fact that both the victim and suspect are juveniles. And Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) chief of school and public relations Julia Burgos said that “we are unable to provide information regarding specifics about students.”

A recent Freedom of Information Act request also unearthed a concerning series of emails about the reported sexual assault at Minnie Howard High School last October. Among the recipients and participants in the emails are school-board members, the superintendent, the mayor, and Alexandria police. Parents, however, were largely left in the dark.


Here’s the kicker:

The school board, superintendent, and mayor had made the apparent decision to withhold the full scope of the details while families all over the state were swarming contentious school-board meetings on topics ranging from transparency and curriculum to their children’s safety at school.

They decided to hide it.

So they could play politics.

And people wondered why Terry McAuliffe really wanted to keep parents out of their kids’ education.

Blocking parents? REALLY?

And maybe even arrested.



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