Would someone let Media Matters know what a ‘smear’ is? Because Josh Hawley calling out Ketanji Brown Jackson’s record of going easy on child porn offenders is the reality of her record, not something he just made up to hurt her chances to be a SCOTUS justice.

Unlike what they ALL did to try and keep Kavanaugh off the bench.

We know, it’s Media Matters and we all expect them to say stupid stuff, but this is stupid even for them. All Hawley did was post the various court cases where Brown Jackson was lenient on sex offenders. If they don’t like the reality of her record their issue should be with her, not with him for pointing it out.

Their little hissyfit didn’t go over so well for them:


We saw Vile Smear open for Angry Beavers in 1999.

This ain’t rocket science, guys.

It’s different when they do it … even though no one has smeared Brown Jackson.


You can’t call it a ‘smear’ when it’s true.

Unlike how they smeared Kavanaugh and tried to ruin his life.



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