Whether or not you find Kyle Rittenhouse’s meme-tweet about Biden’s gas prices making him cry funny or in bad taste, it’s obvious this is not real, and a joke. Apparently, people who are found innocent of a crime aren’t allowed to laugh at themselves or make jokes at their own expense EVER AGAIN, or at least that’s what we’re seeing with the Left and their response to this meme.

Notice, Kyle did not make the meme, he just shared it. Laughed at HIMSELF and then gave credit to the person who actually made it.

Unless you’re a Leftist blue-check with a stick firmly stuck up your kiester about everything on this planet.

Case in point:

Remember when Twitter lost its mind over the Trump/CNN wrestling meme? Ok, so we should qualify that and say remember when Lefty Twitter lost its mind over that meme? Yeah … same vibe. Hell, Ron Filipkowski thought the thing was real, calling it a ‘reenactment.’

Sorry but holy crap.

But then Ron sorta figured it out.

Check out the big brain on RON!

Ya’ think?


He’s admitting that’s a meme, Rachel.

That Kyle would make fun of himself?

Pretty sure jurors don’t care, either way, Katie.

One has to wonder how any of these people get through their day without being in a constant state of outrage. Don’t find it funny? Ok. That doesn’t mean you lose your mind on Twitter and demand a RETRIAL … oh, did we leave that out? They’re demanding a retrial.

Over a meme.

Yeah, everything is dumb but ESPECIALLY Lefty Twitter.



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