If you spend any time at all in social justice circles, first you will definitely feel like you need a shower or two, but second, you’ll notice a lot of ugly terminologies thrown around especially about women to somehow protect men who have decided they want to be women. Because God forbid we call women WOMEN … right?

One such term you’ll find is the word ‘bleeder’ to refer to an ACTUAL woman. Oh, and they claim this makes women who want to be men feel better and stuff as well.

Ugly stuff.

Jennifer Sey wrote a short but powerful thread about calling women bleeders …

Who is this helping?

In what world is this respectful and considerate?

Nobody and no world.

It’s ridiculous virtue-signaling put in place to make people feel better about themselves for wanting to change their gender while all but erasing women and their experience.

Nope indeed.

We do not call ourselves this.

People who resent actual women do … for gender equity or some other happy horsesh*t.

So difficult, right?


Good point.




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