Remember how the media pretended the so-called Trump ‘pee tape’ was a real thing? They actually wrote articles about it, saying it was more than possible for him to have some gross tape out there … that ended up being completely and totally made up. Just like that Steele dossier thing.

Lies. Fake.

And then they turned around and claimed the VERY REAL Hunter Biden laptop was ‘Russian disinformation’ … Twitter went so far as to lock the NY Post for writing about it. And if other users shared it, they were penalized as well. Hell, Andy Stone (the Facebook PR guy) made excuses for keeping the story off the platform, claiming they would look into it later.

They never did.

And NOW that President Silver Alert ‘won’ the election, the New York Times has admitted the laptop WAS REAL.

NO WAY. We’re soooo shocked.

*all the eyerolls*

Jon Levine took it upon himself to capture the ‘essence’ of each outlet by comparing one of their Trump headlines (pee tape, dossier, etc.) to one of their Hunter Biden laptop headlines and HOOBOY:

Just. Wow.

Oh, it gets better. Worse?


That’s cute, CNN.

NPR didn’t want to waste their time on stories that are not really stories.

But they covered the very fake Russian dossier.

And ignored Hunter’s laptop.

Ain’t that convenient?

SLATE is gonna SLATE.


Holy Hell.

They wanted us to believe the pee tape was REAL while pushing us to doubt the laptop from Hell was.

Really ugly.

What’s extremely obvious is how much these a-holes LIE.

Just wow.

THIS is who the media really are.

Gross, ain’t it?



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