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Cue the CACKLE: Kamala Harris presenting her 'simple truth' about women being paid less will make you CRINGE and then cringe some more (watch)

You can tell the White House is trying to find something, ANYthing for Kamala Harris to do that might make her look like less of a train wreck. The southern border, Ukraine, basically everything they’ve tried to put her ‘in charge of’ has gone really wrong.


And Americans are starting to notice just how unlikable she really is.

For example, the way she’s played the strong woman of color card, you’d think she’d be really good at pushing the famous ‘wage gap’ lie to pander to Leftist women who voted for this hot mess of an administration but … nope.

It’s 13 minutes, we don’t expect you to watch it all.

Hell, we didn’t make it all the way through.

C’mon, Kamala has to be good at SOMETHING, right?!

Hey now, we know what you’re thinking.

And notice we did not make a Willie Brown joke because making a Willie Brown joke would have been inappropriate and rude.



Democrats think we need a third law making it illegal to pay someone less based on their sex, creed, color, or ability.

Or at least they think their supporters are dumb enough to believe that evil corporations are somehow getting away with doing it anyway.


Shew! Don’t know how social justice warriors keep up that level of angry and off-the-charts psycho 24/7.

So many caps.

Maybe if she spoke out AGAINST equal pay that would help?


You know.


Those super-sexist evil jobs that men make more at because they’re men.  *eye roll*



ZIPPITY-DO-DUMB: Sheldon Whitehouse has a plan for gov. to ‘reclaim windfall of Big Oil profits’ and HERE’S why that’s (and he’s) really stupid

No big deal, just a literal ‘white privilege test’ courtesy of the Eau Claire, WI area school district (screenshots)

Oh HONEY, no: Susan Rice DRAGGED for congratulating ‘trailblazer’ Rachel Levine for being named 1 of USA Today’s Women of the Year

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