The last time we wrote about Sheldon Whitehouse we were mocking him for belonging to more than one all-white club. Yeah, it’s been a while since he said or did something stupid enough to make our radar but luckily he shared a video of himself talking about the bill he came up with to ‘reclaim’ the windfall profits that Big Oil is ‘raking in.’

Reclaim implies the government owned those ‘windfall profits’ before.

Democrats, amirite?

Post-its and pencils.

You know what, we just can’t.

Not even.


He’s a Democrat, so of course, he thinks those profits are his.

A to the men.

‘Excess profits’ insinuates there is a limit to the profit one should be able to make, and in America, that’s just not true.


Ya’ know, those all-white club memberships aren’t going to pay for themselves.

Now THAT’S cold.

That would be him.

And he wants to reclaim someone else’s profits.



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