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BAWK BAWK! Adam Kinzinger ROASTED over his video making excuses for refusing Tucker Carlson’s invite (watch)

Adam, dude, you HAD to know this wouldn’t go over well.

If Adam Kinzinger just really didn’t want to go on Tucker Carlson’s show he didn’t have to say a word about it. But no, he wanted to virtue-signal for attention since he cares SO MUCH about Ukraine and Tucker is a big ol’ meanie and a traitor and stuff.


Hence, this lame AF video explaining why he chose not to go on.


Hey Adam, here’s that attention you ordered.

Hope you enjoy it.

Someone wanna get Adam a tissue or two?

Well, maybe Stelter.


And he’s STILL getting gerrymandered by the very people he’s been pandering to.

That’s gotta sting a little.



We like that.

It works PLUS it’s just not a word we hear enough these days.

And it suits him.



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