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Go HOME Nan, you're drunk! Nancy Pelosi explains how gov. has to spend MORE to reduce the national debt and OMG-LOL (watch)

Maybe this sounded better in Nancy Pelosi’s Botox-filled head? Democrats are trying so hard to pretend their crap president and their crappier policies aren’t destroying the country, going so far as to try and claim they are actually reducing the national debt by SPENDING MORE.


Note, as you watch Nancy try and explain how they’re not responsible for the 7.9% inflation, pay attention to how much she flaps her hands. The more flapping, the more lying.

Don’t take our word for it:

She’s doing so much hand-flapping she could actually take flight at any moment.

And c’mon, claiming Biden is breaking records in job creation?


People going back to work does not equal jobs created.

Oh, and the bit about Putin? The hand-flapping got even more frantic so she’s really really REALLY lying there. Like Kamala Harris’ cackle is a tell, the hand-flapping is a tell for Nancy.

Right? That should work for all of us.

Of course she knows it’s a lie.

She just doesn’t care.


Imagine the possibilities.

Something like that.



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