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'Disingenuous TOOLS!' ABC's 'breaking poll' claiming majority of Americans oppose so-called Don’t Say Gay bill has 1 BIG problem

Boy oh boy, this ‘breaking’ poll from ABC sure had the weirdos and degenerates on the Left hootin’ and a’ hollerin’ yesterday with excitement because according to them, the majority of Americans oppose the so-called ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill.


No seriously, they posted this like it was a legit and real thing.

The ‘BREAKING’ is a nice touch, don’t you think?

Gosh, that seems weird.

Almost as if they deliberately asked a certain group of people …

Because that’s exactly what they did.

‘With an oversample among LGBTQ+ respondents.’

Honestly, with an oversampling like that, you’d think the majority of people who oppose the ‘Don’t Say Bill’ would be much much higher.

Ain’t it?

Odd, you’d think they’d oversample the parents.


We’re just kidding, ABC would never want an honest poll.

Especially since ABC just told MSNBC and CNN to hold its beer …



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