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Straight from the horse's as* himself: Biden MIGHT want to look at what he 'promised' he'd do to the oil industry during the primary (watch)

Democrats have been working nonstop to convince Americans that high gas prices (Hell, high everything prices) are due to Putin invading Russia … they’ve gone so far as to try and push ‘Putinflation’ to combat the obvious ‘Bidenflation.’

That’s cute, but the only people who are buying into that claim still think the guy actually received 81 million votes.

In other words, not the brightest crayons in the box.

All they have to do is look back at Biden on the campaign trail to realize what we’re seeing he was promising to do way back then.

Watch this:

No more drilling on federal lands.

No more drilling offshore.

No ability for the oil industry to drill, period.

But you know, PUTIN! RUSSIA!

They think we’re stupid.

Most of us are not.

Wanna bet if Biden farts in an elevator he blames Putin?

Like when he farted in front of the Royal Family? Wonder if he blamed someone else even then.



Let the dragging BEGIN –> Democrats say they’ll keep repeating the lie they brought the economy back and HOOBOY *popcorn*

‘Double SECRET boycott?’ Lefties give Chick-fil-A MORE free advertising, call for boycott of company they’ve been boycotting for years

‘No one EVER ignored Trump’s calls’! Trevor Noah (yes, that Trevor Noah!) just annihilates Biden, wonders if he should ‘hire’ Trump (watch)


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