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Eloquent AF! Kurt Schlichter just needs 4 little words to shut Bill Kristol and his ranting about Trump and Ukraine DOWN

We keep waiting for someone close to Bill Kristol to explain to him that Trump is not the president, and he hasn’t been the president in 14 months. Sure, his grift relies entirely on the ‘bad orange man,’ but even the suckers who fell for this crap for the four years Trump was in office must be wondering if Bill ate a bunch of paint chips as a child or something.


Remember when he endorsed Terry McAuliffe?

Super conservative and stuff.

Bill, is Trump in the room with you, right now? Maybe hiding under your bed?

Kurt Schlichter perhaps said it best:


Not sweet.

And eloquent AF.

He just thinks the people who follow him have a short memory.

And to be frank, a lot of the dillweeds who still think he’s worth listening to DON’T have much of a brain, let alone a long memory.


Why not both?

We’d all be suffering from alcohol poisoning.


Right? Didn’t Biden threaten not to send Ukraine aid if the prosecutor after his son wasn’t fired?


In fact, we imagine people would be happy to contribute to a GoFundMe and help Bill on his way.



My DUDE! WAAAT?! Biden claiming it will be ‘a sad 2 years’ if Republicans take control of Congress BACKFIRES spectacularly

Let the dragging BEGIN –> Democrats say they’ll keep repeating the lie they brought the economy back and HOOBOY *popcorn*

‘Double SECRET boycott?’ Lefties give Chick-fil-A MORE free advertising, call for boycott of company they’ve been boycotting for years

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