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'YOU are the new face of racism': Fairfax warrior mom Asra Q. Nomani takes ON the Fairfax County School Board and WINS (watch)

Full transparency, we love love love love LOVE sharing videos of parents kicking arse and taking names when dealing with school boards that have spent years now ignoring them and pretending they’re the bad guys when they show up angry about being ignored.


Especially when it comes to protecting and advocating for their own kids.

Asra Q. Nomani is a warrior mom who has been fighting the Fairfax County Board that broke the law to ‘get rid of Asians’ at its math school.

Watch this.

Trust us:

You’re a racist, and you’re a racist!


And slay she did.

Keep watching:

Fairfax still trying to give Loudoun a run for its money for the worst school district.


The truth hurts.

And you know school board members think THEY’RE the victims here.

The soft bigotry of low expectations … from a bunch of white liberals.

This. ^

Oh, and Asra wasn’t about to let the school board intimidate her.


She is our spirit animal.



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